About Author

Who am I? And how dare I hope to believe that what I write on this blog will be worth anyone’s time?

Humbly put, like all of you, I am just another lens to see the world through and gain perspective from.

Many experiences and aspects of my life have graced me with the opportunity to develop a diversity of perspectives to consider in life.

My family is spread across the globe and I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland which is often considered the most diverse county in the United States. I have also travelled to various countries across several continents. My hands-on exposure to perspectives of people of different demographics of all kind, has been a significant factor in my overall worldview.

I consider myself an open minded, well read individual. It is part of my nature to always try to take numerous perspectives of a situation into equal consideration.  My objective is not to impose any views on anybody. By sharing my experiences and the insight I gained from them, my goal is to provoke critical thinking and promote thoughts which may lead to self-inspiration.

I’m highly analytical like a left brainer, abstract and creative like a right brainer, and throwing in a little wordplay on words? That’s a no brainer. See what I did there? (I avoid sounding overly serious all the time so you’ll be sure to see plenty more lighthearted comments and humor throughout my posts.)

To summarize my overall attitude, I’m a realist who keeps an optimistic outlook on life because a pessimistic perspective does not promote forward movement.

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