About Shifted Scope


The only thing constant in life is that it is constantly changing.

You’re human right? You grow up and experience life right? Then at some point in your life, you’ve had to make a transition in life and learn to readjust.

Shifted Scope is here to inspire growth and provide insight on moving forward in life no matter what game changers manifest.

Take a moment to visualize…
You are like a sniper with cross-hairs on a target.. Your target is in sight and you take aim; your eye is fixated on the prize… Then you blink and nothing is the same. You are caught in a desert storm, you lose focus and when the storm clears, your target is out of sight and you are alone in the desert, feeling lost and uninspired.

At this point you have two options, be overwhelmed by negativity, or you can grab your rifle, adjust your scope, and find another target.

Never let your focus fall into fixation. Shift Your Scope, Push Your Perspective, Move Your Mind.

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