One Foot Will Change Your Life



One Foot

Perspective Point:

The first step you take, no matter how small, is so big that it changes the area of physical space that you occupy in the universe.

One foot stops the doors of opportunity from closing.
One foot catches your balance when you are about to fall.
It takes one foot to kick off the Super Bowl that is this game of life.
One foot forward is equal to one step, and one step is the beginning of a journey of 1,000 miles.

stop, stop, STOP! That’s all we as people tend to do and we never stop stopping. You ever think about how many times you hesitated to do something? Ask yourself how many times you’ve wanted something but never took any initiative to pursue it. Did you still get that thing? Did you later wish you at least tried? Between procrastinating and hesitating, it’s easy to end up regretting inaction.


Imagine that someone gives you the keys to your dream house. You have the address and the house is yours as long as you arrive at the house to claim it within a limited time. However, the catch is you have to walk and there is no way around this. The house is visible in the far distance. You want the house but you don’t want to walk. This conflict of interest eats you alive. You want the house more than the amount of disdain you have for walking.

The only problem is the walking comes first. You have to endure work-time in order to have playtime. You take a few steps and take a break. You fail to take the necessary steps to reach your destination. In your head you feel sure that at some point in time you will eventually get to where you are heading but the house offer is not forever and soon you miss your chance. Nothing is stopping you but yourself in achieving an end goal and this happens on a daily basis.
This is procrastination.

Fear & Hesitation 

Take the same dream house example except this time add a busy street and difficult terrain between you and the house. Maybe now you’re ready to make that walk but now you have fear. You fail to make the move because you find reasons to second guess yourself. What if I get hit on my way to the house? There’s a huge hill before the house, what if I can’t make it? What if the house no longer ends up being what I imagined it would be like?  

You tense up worrying about the end results so much that you make no progress. Hesitation is often the difference between the life you want and the life you will constantly regret. We might be too scared to ask for a raise, or too scared to make a move on someone we are attracted to. Too scared to do what we want because we don’t feel “ready”. But to put things into perspective, which of you were “ready” to be born and start living life? Life itself is not founded on being “ready”. We are already forced to move forward through time so it’s only right that we facilitate our own movement in a forward direction.


When you are walking to a destination, The initial step is the most important. That first step is like starting the engine in your car and putting it in drive. Like an automatic car continues to roll after tapping the gas pedal, taking one step is the moment of momentum. Picture yourself standing looking at your destination in the distance. You are standing feet level with each other. Now take your first step with your right foot and pause. Now you are in motion. Naturally you will then follow that step with a left foot forward. Before you know it, your feet are alternating back and forth without you thinking. All you know is you want to reach your destination and that you are making progress. If you ever feel stuck, just take a step forward and see where it takes you.

Perspective Point:

The first step you take, no matter how small, is so big that it changes the area of physical space that you occupy in the universe.